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Herbal Soup for Health

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UK has abundant supply of low quality herbal soup packats. They used cheap ingredients, have poor storage and low turnover. Our herbal formulas are custom made to order from Taiwan, vacuum sealed and have high turnover. That's why our products are safer and more effective. We aim to promote health of our patients. The business only account for a small part of our clinic operation.



Custom Formulation.
Top Quality Ingredients.
Thoughtful Packaging

The formulas are designed by our herbalist and made to order by a lcentury-old pharmacy in Taiwan. We can choose suitable and higher quality ingredients for our own designs. Some ingredients require special processing, such as roasted licorice and crushed arborvitae seeds, to enhance efficacy. Additionally, the soup packets come with filter bags for easy residue separation. All soup packets are vacuum-sealed and air-shipped to the UK. Through these meticulous arrangements, the clinic aims to provide our customers with peace of mind when consuming genuine and quality soup packets.


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Online Consultation, Hong Kong TCM Practitioners
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Our clinic is dedicated to providing reliable, convenient, and affordable TCM consultation in the UK. We operate from Sunday to Friday. Since inception in OCT 2021, we have served over 7,500 patients(as of 22/10/2023), and our reputation has spread nationwide.


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